Adoption is the Start, Abortion is the End

If you decide to have an abortion, you are ending life. Adoption is only the start of your child’s life and if you set up your baby’s adoption as “open” they you will be able to visit your child as they grow up and be a part of their life. When you set up your adoption plan, you decide when and how much time you will spend with the baby and the family that adopts. Even if you decide on a “closed” adoption, you are giving the baby the opportunity at life.

Abortion Statistics:

  • Approximately 3,680 abortions take place every single day in America.
  • Around 50% of unplanned pregnancies in America lead to abortion.
  • 84% of girls who chose abortion claim they would have kept their baby in different circumstances.
  • 80% of pregnancy centers report that women considering abortion choose to keep their baby after seeing ultrasound images.

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