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One of the most common questions we are asked at Love Adoption Life is, “What are the costs of adoption in Florida” And the most common response to our answer is “Why does it cost so much?”

There are a lot of factors that will determine how much it will cost to adopt a child. Are you planning to adopt through a domestic adoption agency, international adoption agency, or possibly through the foster care system? Another important thing to consider is the type of adoption professional that you choose and how they structure their fees will also determine the costs.

In 2014 the average total adoption costs for a newborn domestic adoption was $42,337.00. Lauren Kingry Law and Love Adoption Life’s adoption costs range from $32,000.00 to $41,000.00 based on the birth mothers’ expenses during pregnancy and post birth. At Love Adoption Life, we also include several benefits worked into our total adoption costs, all of which helped our adoptive families save money over time.

Costs of Adoption - Love Adoption Life

How is this possible?

Here are a few facts about how we operate at Love Adoption Life:

  1. We do not charge any fees until you are matched with a birth mother. We believe that you should not have to pay out of pocket costs to have your profile on a list nor should pay a fee to simply wait. There are also no fees to submit applications to be matched with a birth mother. A match with us is defined as the birth mother selecting your family and you being notified by a representative from our office that you have been matched.
  2. Love Adoption Life has Fixed Agency Fees. Our entity fees remain fixed regardless of the total cost of the adoption and number of hours required by our staff to complete the entire adoption process from start to finish.
  3. Love Adoption Life does not overcharge fees. Meaning, we do not calculate in “estimated” charges that could possibly arise. The fees listed on the birth mother profile are the fees for the entire adoption process with that particular birth mother.

If you are concerned with adoption costs, we encourage you to remember that you are the one setting your maximum adoption budget. You will be presented with adoption situations of birth mothers who are within or below your budget based on the total cost of the adoption.

If you wish to also be presented with birth mother profiles for adoption situations where the adoption cost is over your budget, we can send you these profiles as well. It is based on the birth mother’s circumstances throughout her pregnancy if we believe that the preferences are a good match.

You are never obligated to accept these adoption opportunities; however, many families have taken the opportunity on these situations outside of their budget because they were able to adopt sooner or the preferences were the perfect situation.

Many people do wonder why it costs a so much to adopt a child, especially when the cost of foster care adoption is so much less.

The following is an itemized list of Lauren Kingry Law and Love Adoption Life’s fees as well as some of the services that are necessary to maintain successful adoptions:

To have a successful adoption, our Adoption Coordinator’s must:

  • 1. Coordinate, arrange and oversee entire the adoption process
  • 2. Meeting and evaluation of birth mother’s commitment to adoption
  • 3. Professional services for the Adoptive family, suggesting home study agencies, adoption consultants, and helping with family profile books
  • 4. Obtaining hospital documentation and retrieval of medical records
  • 5. Case management services and file documentation
  • 6. Assisting birth mothers with housing and schooling
  • 7. Adoption counseling and education
  • 8. 24/7 support throughout the entire adoption process
  • 9. Developing an adoption plan around the birth mother’s needs and wishes
  • 10. Creating a hospital plan and coordinating the adoption with health professionals
  • 11. Assisting with housing and travel arrangements if necessary for the birth mother during the pregnancy and also with the adoptive family after the birth during the ICPC process; if required.
  • 12. Post-placement adoption counseling
  • 13. Being present during doctor’s visits and in the delivery room 24/7.
  • 14. Scheduling and attending elective ultrasounds twice during the birth mother’s pregnancy.

Fee’s include:

Birth Parent Expenses

  • 1. Prenatal care not that is not covered by Medicaid or insurance
  • 2. Court-approved living expenses for pregnancy-related costs during the pregnancy and for 6 weeks after. Including but not limited to: Rent and deposits, utilities, insurance, car insurance, cell phone bill, car payments, schooling, food, personal hygiene, clothing and/or transportation.

Legal Fees:

  • 1. Termination of parental rights, including any publications, court costs, and attorney fees
  • 2. Finalization of adoption
  • 3. ICPC fees
  • 4. Legal counsel for adoptive family and birth mother based on state laws
  • 5. Court reporting services
  • 6. Investigative Expenses
  • 7. State and local background screenings for birth family searches
  • 8. Diligent search for biological fathers
  • 9. Obtaining original birth certificates
  • 10. Obtaining medical records for the birth mother pre and post birth.


  • 1. Extensive advertising: Google/Bing, Emergency Pregnancy Centers, Hopsitals and Birthing Centers, Networking with other adoption professionals, branding and marketing across the United States.

Other Expenses include:

  • 1. Office Expenses: Rent, Phone and Internet Services, Office Supplies, Postage, Utilities, Staff Salaries, Health Insurance for staff, and Mileage Reimbursements.

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