Alex started her adoption journey in 2015 and connected with Love Adoption Life around 2017. Alex presented to birth mother after birth mother and was not chosen. The adoption process for a single parent is always significantly harder especially when presenting your profile with other traditional families. After many presentations, Alex never gave up and in February 2019, we were finally able to call her with the amazing news that Mama J had chosen her profile!! Needless to say, by the end of that phone call our entire office was crying happy tears of joy for Alex. Alex was officially matched with Mama J and they were having a baby girl due in July 2019.

Fast forward to May 2019, Alex decided to take one last trip to New York to visit her brother before the baby arrived. While in New York, we got a call from Mama J’s family saying Mama J had been having a bad headache all day, her blood pressure was very high and they were concerned about Mama J and baby. Our Adoption Coordinator,
Jamie, called Alex to let her know the news and told Alex not to freak out but they were going to try and monitor baby and Mama and work on getting her blood pressure down. A little after 8pm the evening of May 10 , Jamie called Alex back and said, “ok, th now you can freak out. They can’t get her blood pressure under control and are prepping her for a c-section in an hour.” With that news, Alex jumped into action, booked the first flight out of New York to Jacksonville to come meet her daughter. Maeve was born May 10 , 2019. Maeve was born at 31 weeks gestation weighing 3lbs th 10 oz.

When Alex landed in Jacksonville, we made our way to the hospital and unfortunately, per the hospital’s policy, they would not allow Alex into the NICU until Mama J signed her consent paperwork. Even with Mama J’s permission, they still would not allow Alex in. On May 13, 2019, Alex was finally able to meet her daughter! The pure love and joy was shown all over Alex’s face the moment she laid eyes on Maeve.

Mama J is one of the sweetest, most caring and loving birth mothers we have had the chance to work with. She is such a strong individual with a funny but very quiet and shy personality. When we initially met her, she was very reserved and quiet and showed a lot of the same shyness to Alex. Now, a year later, Alex, Maeve and Mama J have an amazing relationship. Mama J has opened up so much with Alex and has shown so much growth!

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