This is one of our most exciting adoption stories yet!!! In March 2020, Caleb and Abby were matched with an expectant mother due at the end of April. Baby Rachel wasn’t ready when she was supposed to be and was born May 6th. Rachel’s birth mama had a really hard time in the hospital and struggled with her decision to place Rachel with Caleb and Abby. Mama C made the hard decision after 48 hours in the hospital, to keep baby Rachel and try to parent. Once we broke the news to Caleb and Abby, they were very emotional but such kind, genuine people. They hand wrote a letter to Mama C telling her they couldn’t imagine the hard choice she had to make and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. Caleb and Abby had even dropped off some gifts for Mama C and her other children even after Mama C decided not to place Rachel. Caleb and Abby made their 15 hour drive home with broken hearts and an empty car seat.

A few weeks later, we were put in contact with a young mama that was pregnant and due with a baby girl in July. Caleb and Abby decided to present to Mama D and they were chosen! Things were starting to look up for them. Fast forward to June 30, Mama C contacted LAL and said she had been struggling with Baby Rachel for the last couple of months and she couldn’t continue to care for her. What a call to make that was! We called Caleb and Abby to let them know Mama C had been in contact but we couldn’t be sure if she would contact us back the following day, but she did! Abby jumped on a flight and flew to Jacksonville as soon as she could to meet Baby Rachel!!

After Caleb, Abby, their two boys and Baby Rachel hung out in Florida on “vacation” for a few days, Mama D finally went into labor and Baby Ariana was born July 7th! Caleb and Abby now have a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old boy, a 2 month old baby girl and a newborn! Their hands are certainly going to be as full as their hearts!!

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