Michelle was a single woman pursuing her life long dream of becoming a mother. Michelle had struggled with infertility and gone through so many years of failed attempts at starting her family. She finally decided adoption was her calling. In November 2019, our Love Adoption Life girls got to make the phone call to Michelle that her dream was going to come true in just a few months.

Mama J, who had previously placed baby Maeve with Alex, was pregnant again and looking to start a new adoption journey for her baby boy. It was important for her that the family she chose was willing to be in contact with Alex and Maeve. What better way to fulfill that request than with two single mothers?!

In February 2020, Michelle was able to come to Jacksonville and meet Mama J for the first time. We set up an ultrasound and a lunch with Michelle, Mama J and Mama J’s mother. Mama J brought her 7 year old niece along who provided a lot of entertainment. While we sat and ate while Grandmama M told stories of Mama J and shared her thoughts on Mama J’s previous adoption.

After a long awaited arrival, baby Liam was born on May 3 , 2020 at 2:37pm weighing rd 7lbs 1oz. Since Liam’s arrival, Alex and Michelle have been in contact and able to connect with each other. Their story is so unique and special. We are hoping someday in the near future they will finally be able to meet in person.

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