Florida Newborn Baby Adoption Laws

Sometimes in life we may be compelled, either by situation or mere good will, to adopt a child. The problem is that adoption of children is not at all as easy as most imagine it could be.

It is not like the normal shopping procedure where you would go to the super market and come back with goodies on your shopping list. The adoption process comes with very serious legal procedures and protocols that demand utmost dedication and tenacity.

Child adoption, as a way of shedding some light, is a legal procedure through which a child is raised by a family, with full parental rights under the law, that he or she does not biologically belong to.

When we talk about adoption, people assume that it is only applicable to young kids but that is a wrong assumption. The fact is that even people over the age of eighteen can be adopted. The only difference is that the procedure of so doing is a bit simpler than that of new born babies.

Newborn Baby and Toddler Adoption Laws

The laws that bind the adoption of babies vary from state to state. This article is here to help shed some light about newborn baby adoption to the residents of Florida. It seeks to take you through the legal proceedings that are followed during a baby’s adoption.

Who is eligible to adopt a baby in Florida?

The question of the qualifying factors is one issue that should be considered. This is due to the fact that not everybody has the eligibility or meets the standards that are required.

The Florida Home-study Requirement

Florida requires an extensive home-study that includes background checks.

First of all it is expected that you are an adult and one who is working within the state of Florida. The issue of character is also considered. You must be of good character and not a reckless parent.

The issues of whether you are a single parent or a married couple do not affect the child adoption procedures.


There have been problems in the past for people with disabilities. However, the state of Florida is trying to give everyone an opportunity, and they will consider the intensity of your disability. If the disability is intense enough to render one to be unable to cater for the child, it can be complicated getting through the approval process.

LGBT Adoption

The issue of gays adopting babies used to be an issue in Florida law but the court has agreed that discrimination against homosexuals is against our constitutional right and now anyone can adopt, regardless of sexual preferences.

What are some of the protocols binding child adoption in Florida?

The following are general notes on the adoption of a baby through the legal system of Florida:

The rights of the biological parents are always given a heavier weight until they surrender parental rights to the adoptive parents.

The court should hear from the biological parents of the will to give out the ownership of the child, and the proof that they are the real parents is required. In other situations, the court must proof that the biological parents have failed to offer parental care to the child involve and thus the need for adoption.

A birth mother cannot sign the consent to place a child for adoption until forty eight hours after the birth of the child or after her discharge from the hospital.

The time it will take before the child is officially handed over to the adoptive parent varies from situation to situation but often it can be between thirty and ninety days.

If the adoptive parent is a close relative, the procedure can be finalized immediately.

Whenever one sets out to adopt a child, it is advisable that they involve an attorney because it involves a lot of legal proceedings. We provide anyone using our service access to adoption attorneys who are well trained in the procedures under Florida law. Birth mothers receive free legal assistance.

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