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Love Adoption Life - Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys LogoLove Adoption Life is a Jacksonville Adoption organization focusing on Adoption Law and Adoption in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. Our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys are here to help you place your baby up for adoption and to connect you with adoptive parents seeking to adopt!

Adopting a child is not only a big decision, but a demanding legal process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. Love Adoption Life has been assisting families with all of their adoption needs for more than a decade, giving us the experience to manage your case from start to finish. From step-parent adoptions and foster care adoptions to adult adoptions and international adoptions, we are well-equipped to handle it all. Our adoption lawyers help adopting families through the entire process of adoption in Jacksonville and throughout all of Florida. Call us today and let one of our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys help you with your adoption today.

Free, Confidential Adoption

We will send you an Uber or taxi and cover the cost, to and from your consultation. You will meet at our Jacksonville Adoption Agency and law firm where our adoption coordinators can provide you with all of the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about your adoption.

Can You Get Paid To
Have A Baby?

You can receive financial support for having a baby that you place into a new family through adoption. The initial consultation will include information on what to expect. Florida laws allow pregnant women who choose adoption to receive money during pregnancy and delivery of the baby.

Financial Difference Between
Abortion & Adoption

Abortions will cost you anything from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending upon your stage of pregnancy. Adoption, on the other hand, saves a life and you can receive money. You may also receive money from the adoptive family that will help you cover pregnancy-related expenses and more.

Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys - Birth Mothers

Are You Pregnant?

Are you currently pregnant and considering placing your baby up for adoption? Our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys here at Love Adoption Life are highly experienced and extremely passionate about helping birth mothers who are interested in placing their baby up for adoption.


Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys - Adoptive Parents

Are You Looking To Adopt?

Are you currently looking to adopt a baby? Our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys have years of experience helping adoptive parents and families get through the adoption journey. We understand how important the adoption process can be for the future of your family!


Florida Adoption Lawyers Committed To Helping
Pregnant Women Thinking About Adoption

If you choose to partner with us here at Love Adoption Life, we will guarantee to never make you feel uncomfortable. You will never have to worry about feeling pressured. These are your decisions, that ultimately affect the rest of your life. Our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys are simply here to help you evaluate all of your options and to serve as your guide through the entire adoption process.

Once you reach out to our Jacksonville adoption team, we request that you simply schedule a free, no obligation consultation with our adoption professionals. These professionals understand the adoption and child placement process from beginning to end. We can even provide you transportation to our office at no cost! At this initial consult we will show you every option that you have and how you can get started with placing your baby up for adoption right here in Jacksonville – if that’s what you choose. One of the most important things to remember for mothers considering adoption is that there are zero costs for a birth mother in the adoption process.

For every single child that is adopted each year in the United States there are
around 37 families waiting to adopt a child.

Adoption In Jacksonville

For years, Love Adoption Life has worked with birth mothers and adoptive families in Jacksonville throughout the entire adoption process. We are extremely proud to serve our local and outlying communities for adoption in Jacksonville and continue to offer resources and to serves as guides for birth mothers and adoptive parents. Adoption is an amazing gift and we are extremely proud that adoption is not only our passion, but our life.

Meet Lauren Kingry

Jacksonville Adoption Attorney

Lauren Kingry, Esq. has enjoyed a decade of litigation experience in the Jacksonville area, focusing on family law and adoption. A graduate of University of West Florida (B.A.) and Florida Coastal School of Law (J.D.), Lauren was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2006. With every case, whether involving adoption or family law, difficult decisions and circumstances must be overcome. Lauren is proud to be recognized as a strong and fearless advocate for her clients.


Adoption is Just the Beginning.

Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying About Love Adoption Life

Mrs. Kingry was always easy to speak with and no matter what question I had, she was able to accurately answer it. I felt very confident in her abilities and valued any and all advice she made towards my case.


I was referred to Lauren Kingry by a close friend that was pleased with her service. I too had a very positive experience. I can not say enough how friendly her staff is and how nicely I was treated. She demonstrated confidence with good legal advice and strong representation. She was fair, always available to answer my questions, as well as calm my concerns. Her genuine compassion for my legal matter were outstanding. She will go far and is truly an asset to her profession. I would strongly recommend her to anyone that needs a competent, fair, and compassionate attorney!


Fantastic Attorney. Lauren was a great attorney. I went through a lot of crap with my son's father and even when something seemed like it was going downhill, I could count on Lauren for the reassurance I needed to make sure everything was going to go over okay. Lauren always replied to my emails over the weekends, holidays, and even at night and it seems that she wants to go above and beyond for her clients. I have recommend her to everyone going through the same issues.

Previous Client

Lauren - I shared this with you right after meeting our Judge today, but I need to tell you again, thank you for knowing everything about our case by heart, and express our pre-agreed decisions in such a clear and straight forward manner! I am convinced that I am in very good hands with you. I feel very confident that we will have our best opportunity to obtain a fair result. I love you Lauren! Thanks again.


Nearly 2 percent of

U.S. children under the

age of 18 are adopted.

If you ultimately choose abortion, it will be the end of a baby’s life. Adoption, specifically choosing open adoption, is only the start of your child’s life. If you decide on an open adoption you will have the ability to remain a part of your child’s life as they develop.

What we can help you achieve

Your newborn will most likely someday understand why you chose to put them up for adoption and why the decision was the best on a long list of alternatives. Even if you ultimately choose to go through with a closed adoption, where your son or daughter will grow not knowing who you are, but you nevertheless give them the opportunity at life.


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