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Jacksonville Adoption Lawyers - Love Adoption LifeLove Adoption Life is an Adoption Law Firm specializing in adoption law, adoption in Jacksonville and adoption in Florida. Our Jacksonville Adoption Lawyers are experts in Adoption Law and helping pregnant mother place their baby for adoption and adoptive families throughout the entirety of the adoption process.

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Adoption can be an extremely difficult decision when you don’t know what options are available to you. When you reach out to us here at Love Adoption Life, you get the dedication and passion you deserve from adoption lawyers that actually care about each individual adoption case.

Our adoption team and coordinators are experts in the adoption process in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout Florida. Most of our staff have also been through the adoption process themselves! Empathy and passion make us different from other law firms. We’ve been there and we understand your emotions during the entire adoption journey.

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Our Jacksonville Adoption Lawyers take every case personally. Most of our adoption team has been directly involved in the adoption process so we understand every emotion and can relate with where you are!

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Love Adoption Life not only cares about each client, but we view each case as if it were our own. Adoption is a unique experience for birth mothers and adoptive families. Let us show you why.

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Our Jacksonville Adoption Team approaches each case with the utmost respect. Not only for birth mothers and adoptive families, but for the legal processes that power adoption and make it all possible!

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Our team here at Love Adoption Life in Jacksonville breathe adoption. This is our passion, life and heartbeat. We love what we do so much! Contact us today – we would love to meet you!


Love Adoption Life is an organization created to help those who are faced with unplanned pregnancy and adoptive families on their journey towards adoption. We are constantly working throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Pensacola and Tampa. If you have recently become pregnant and are unsure about your options or are considering placing your baby up for adoption call us today!


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About Love Adoption Life - Jacksonville Adoption LawyersLove Adoption Life provides two specific adoption services in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. The first is birth mother adoption services, also known as unplanned pregnancy adoption services. If you or someone you know have recently had an unplanned pregnancy, don’t be afraid! Our Jacksonville Adoption Lawyers specialize in helping those women place their baby up for adoption with a caring and nurturing family. Our goal is to help partner with them through their journey and throughout the pregnancy to let them know they are not alone and that there is help for those willing to provide a new life for their baby. Many women don’t know this but there are also many benefits that come along with placing their baby up for adoption.

The second adoption service that we offer here at Love Adoption Life is adoptive family or adoptive parent services. Our role within this adoption service is to help families and individuals to simply, yet beautifully become parents. We help each adoptive family walk through the road and journey of adoption. The reason we are different is our due to our approach. We take time with each family to help guide them through the adoption process and adoption portfolio process to help them better standout to birth mothers across Florida.

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Reach out to us online or at 904-723-1406 to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers. We offer evening and weekend appointments and can even cover your transportation costs if you are unable to travel to us! With offices conveniently located in downtown Jacksonville, our Adoption Lawyers are ideally situated to serve all of our clients in our communities and throughout Florida.

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