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Jacksonville Adoptive Parent Lawyer - Love Adoption LifeOur Jacksonville Adoptive Parent Lawyer at Love Adoption Life can help you with your adoption process. When you’re preparing to adopt, the anticipation can be overwhelming. It’s a long journey: getting background checks, completing a home study, putting your family profile together, then finally wondering what it will feel like to bring your child home.

Adopting a child is an enormous, life-changing step. While creating your own family, you are beginning the journey of enhancing a child’s life. We provide future parents guidance, direction, and support throughout the adoption process from the initial consultation to placement services to finalizing the adoption. At Love Adoption Life, we have a team of support professionals including adoption coordinators as well counseling services, that will guide you though each step of the adoption process. We work closely with a variety of non-profit pregnancy and adoption organizations, social workers, and other professionals in the adoption community to maintain a strong network of adoption professionals to facilitate the adoption process. Many of the organizations we work with provide parenting classes for the adoptive parents, home study assistance, and additionally provide a multitude of services for the birth mother.

Adoption is a complex area of the law. There are multiple rules and procedures that have been established in the Florida Statutes, as well as procedures that are judicially regulated. Interstate adoption is even more complex as it involves the “Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children,” (ICPC regulations). ICPC must be approved before the adoptive family can leave the State of Florida with the child. Our adoption coordinators have experience and knowledge as to the ICPC departments in various states to effectuate the ICPC and interstate adoption process.

A distinguishing aspect of our law firm is that we have been personally involved in the adoption process, therefore we are able to offer insightful assistance along with genuine and heartfelt support. A very special member of our firm, one of our adoption coordinators, was a previous birth mother. Since placing her child for adoption nearly a decade ago, she has developed an irreplaceable bond with the adoptive mother and, to this day, feels she made the best decision for her child and herself.

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It is our goal to help you sort through your options and guide you through your adoption process. We know that expecting a child and making a life changing decision of what to do can be a very confusing, difficult, and emotional. If you want to learn more about your options and your rights, we offer a free consultation to all adoptive parents with an adoption attorney that is pressure free and will require no commitment on your part. This consultation can be completed over the phone, via email, at our office or a location of your choice. We will also provide transportation at no cost to you for this initial meeting. The consultation is very informative and may help you to get started in the adoption process if that is the choice that you make.

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