What happens when I place my baby up for adoption after I deliver?

One of the most common question we are asked by women who have unplanned pregnancies is “What does it look like when after I place my baby up for adoption?” When many young women first find out that they are pregnant, many of their friends and family will tell them how wonderful it is. It’s easy to glorify something that’s not completely understood. And options will come in like wildfire! There are also many shows and media outlets out there that glorify young moms and the idea of unplanned pregnancy like it’s extremely easy and without it’s obstacles – such as “Teen Mom.” However, when it’s really happening to you, it’s different. We hear all the time:

  • “My boyfriend said he would be there for me and his baby.”
  • “My mom told me that she would help me if I kept the baby and now she never babysits.”
  • “Dad tries to come around just to control me, but he won’t even buy any diapers and he doesn’t even ask about the baby.”

Placing My Baby Up For Adoption After Delivery - Love Adoption Life

Unplanned Pregnancy & The Realities Within

Sometimes, when the reality sets in, it can different then the fantasy that you have in your head about raising the child on your own. Having a baby girl and dressing her in cute little dresses will turn into long nights with no sleep, while you attempt to figure out how you are going to buy your next pack of diapers. Then you realize that you cannot afford to work because daycare costs more than what you make in a week.

No one really brings up the fact that you will no longer be able to just hop on a plane to Spring Break in Mexico or celebrate your 21st birthday party in Miami. This will leave you thinking, where are all of those family and friends who promised that they would help me when I knew that even I couldn’t provide for this baby by myself.

There’s hope for your unplanned pregnancy!

Many new moms do not know that they still have options. During your pregnancy you will be presented options of parenting, adoption, or abortion. The great news is that after you have the baby, you still have the option of adoption. This doesn’t matter if the baby is 6 weeks or 6 months. We can still help you! We can meet with you and a counselor and discuss the right options for you. If you need immediate assistance for your unplanned pregnancy, we can make arrangements for same day help! If you feel as if you are in an unsafe situation, we can keep any conversations discreet and we can make any situation 100% comfortable and confident.

If you choose adoption, you can receive financial assistance to help support you through your decision while you provide life to another! You can still select the family that you wish based on your preferences and you can have open communication after the baby is born if you choose. Being a good mom means putting your baby first no matter what the circumstance – and sometimes for many women it comes down to letting go. This is considered one of the most selfless and noble acts a mother can give: life and a future for their child. We can always help you or provide you with information on adoption after you’ve delivered. We can even provide you with resources to assist with parenting.

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