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I’m Pregnant & Considering Adoption

Unplanned pregnancy in Florida is common and adoption agencies in Jacksonville are available to help. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, a Florida Adoption Lawyer and Jacksonville Adoption Attorney are standing by to help. Our firm supports pregnant women who are thinking about placing their baby up for adoption. Being pregnant and deciding whether adoption is right for you can seem overwhelming. Love Adoption Life is here to make sure that you are knowledgeable and informed about the adoption process from start to finish. A Florida Adoption Attorney here at Love Adoption Life is prepared to help you navigate the complexities of the adoption process. If you have recently become pregnant and need help, please contact us today!

The Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Process

Once you have made the choice to place your baby up for adoption, you then you would meet with an adoption team member to select an adoptive family. In the selection process, you will create a list of qualifications that you will look for in an adoptive family. Based on your qualifications, we will narrow down the potential adoptive families to select from. Potential adoptive families create books for you to review which typically include pictures of themselves as well as details regarding their lifestyle and who they are as a family. This book lets you get to know the family you will be selecting. Selecting your adoptive family is a very life changing event for everyone involved. You will be giving the adoptive family the most precious gift that could ever be given and they will be forever grateful. You will have chosen to give the gift of life to a family who so desperately wants it. In return, the adoptive family will raise your child with love and dedication; you will always know that your child is taken care of emotionally and financially.

Financial Assistance

Are you Pregnant & Concerned About Financial Help During Your Adoption Journey?


Get Access to financial assistance for your rent or mortgage while you are pregnant.

Utilities Payments

Get financial assistance for adoptions and help with your utilities, including water and electricity!


You may need help getting to where you need to be. Certain financial assistance can help you with transportation needs!

Funds For Food

Yes, even groceries and food for you and your baby can be included in your financial assistance needs.

How To Place Your Baby Up For Adoption In 4 Simple Steps

How to place your baby up for adoption - Step 1

Contact Us! An Adoption Attorney

Contact adoption professionals at Love Adoption Life and they will help you navigate the entire adoption process in Florida and answer any questions you have.

How to place your baby up for adoption - Step 2

Learn About Adoption Plans

Unplanned pregnancy can be accompanied by difficult decisions. However, there are a variety of options available to you and we can help you through each adoption option!

How to place your baby up for adoption - Step 3

Develop Your Adoption Plan

You also have a right to determine what role you play in your baby’s life. Develop your open, semi-open or closed adoption plan in Jacksonville and throughout Florida today!

How to place your baby up for adoption - Step 4

Finalize Your Adoption

The last part of the process is pretty straightforward – Give Birth & Finalize your adoption! Your personalized adoption plan will determine the rest of your adoption process.

Adoption Plans

Once you choose your adoptive parents, the next step is to create an Adoption Plan. The Adoption Plan answers questions like what form and frequency of contact you will keep with the adoptive family once the baby is born, what living expenses will be paid on your behalf, and even the extent of adoptive parent involvement during the length of your pregnancy.

The Adoption Plan you create will be unique to your situation since adoption plans vary from family to family. While creating the Adoption Plan, you will be informed of all options available to you. A Jacksonville Birth Mother Lawyer her at Love Adoption Life is waiting to help you with your adoption today! We want you to feel as this is the best decision you have ever made in your life, not the worst.

We are also here to help you and to make sure that you receive the support that you need during and after your pregnancy. You will receive confidential and personal assistance from our attorneys and adoption coordinators. We have an experienced counselor on staff that is available 24/7 to address, in confidence, any questions or concerns that you may have. At Love Adoption Life we understand that this is a very difficult time for you and we want you to know that we are here to talk to you about anything before the birth of your child and after the baby has been placed with the adoptive parents.

Adoption Support

Love Adoption Life - Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys

Florida Statutes provide for birth mothers to receive certain contributions of financial support during pregnancy and up to six weeks after the delivery of the baby. This assistance includes expenses for:

  • Contributions towards your rent, utilities and other household expenses.
  • Medical care for yourself and your baby.
  • Confidential advice from a professional counselor who will put your needs first.
  • Maternity clothing.
  • Mobile phone and service.
  • Transportation to doctors appointments and other necessary appointments during your pregnancy.



If you think you are pregnant or need a pregnancy confirmation please TEXT 904-723-1406. Pregnancy results are completely confidential!

Contact Our Florida Adoption Lawyer Today!

It is important as a birth mother that you make the best decision possible that is right for you and your baby! It is our goal to help you sort through your options and guide you through this emotionally wearing journey. If you would like to know more about your options and your rights, we offer a free consultation to all birth mothers with an adoption attorney that is pressure free and will require no commitment on your part. This consultation can be completed over the phone, via email, at our office or a location of your choice. We will also provide transportation at no cost to you for this initial meeting. The consultation is very informative and may help you to get started in the adoption process if that is the choice that you make. There are no costs for the birth mother in the adoption process. A Jacksonville Birth Mother Lawyer is ready to help you today with all of your adoption needs!

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