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Adoption is About Putting the Needs of a Child Above One’s Own Heart

Why Adoption - Love Adoption LifeMany of us wonder about adoption and find ourselves asking the great question: why adoption? Adoption, itself, can be an extremely difficult decision for thousands of women and adoptive families across the country. Love Adoption Life is a legal Adoption Organization focused on getting Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families the information and resources they need to move forward with the adoption process.

Adoption is a gift, but with that comes the complexities of the legal process. Here at Love Adoption Life that is our sole focus: adoption. Our heart is to connect you with the resources you need to feel confident in your decision to provide a beautiful life for your baby!

What Options Are Available To You?

Most, who are unsure about the adoption process do not realize that there are actually multiple options available to birth-mothers and adoptive families regarding the adoption process and the types available to you.

For example, there are three particular types of adoption:

  • Open Adoption
  • Semi-Open Adoption
  • Closed Adoption

No matter what your circumstance – you can choose your relationship with your baby and the involvement you you would like to have in the adoption process as well!

Contact A Jacksonville Adoption Lawyer Today!

Love Adoption Life is standing by to serve you and your adoption needs and questions. Your Jacksonville Adoption Lawyers are here to get you the answers you need to put your mind to rest and make informed decisions regarding adoption and the legal adoption process. Adoption is a beautiful decision. It is not a shameful choice. Let us help you understand all of your options today! Call us at 904-723-1406 or contact us discreetly using our contact form.

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