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Get Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About being a Birth Mother

Getting answers to questions regarding adoption can be overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes simple answers are all you need to make a decision on the adoption process. Take a look over our Birth Mother FAQs section below and find answers to some of the most commonly asked question regarding adoption!

Can I choose a family for my baby?

Yes! You can choose the family for your baby by selecting from our Home Study approved families.

What kind of contact can I have with my baby after the adoption?

You can choose an adoption plan that allows for ongoing updates through pictures and letters and some adoption plans even include visits. It is up to you to decide the level of openness in your adoption.

Is adoption the same as giving away my baby?

No, adoption provides you with a plan for your child’s future. You are providing the option to give your baby the love and security, should you decide parenting is not the best option for you at this time.

Why do pregnant mothers choose adoption?

Birth mothers choose adoption when they find themselves pregnant at a time when they are not prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for a child at this time. They are seeking parents who can provide their child with a permanent and stable home, and a bright future. Birth parents care very much about their child and are seeking a plan in the best interest of the child.

Can medical & other bills be covered?

Financial assistance can be available to help you with living expenses during your pregnancy and up to six weeks after delivery. You can talk to an adoption coordinator to learn more about financial assistance and what may be available to you as each case is different.

What if I need housing?

We can assist you with housing resources if it is necessary.

Do I get to meet the adoptive family?

Yes! If the birth mother would like to meet with the adoptive family, we will help coordinate an initial meeting between the birth mother and adoptive family.

Is adoption a selfish decision?

Adoption is a loving decision based on the best interest of the child. When a birth mother chooses adoption, she has decided she cannot provide for all the child’s needs at that time and makes the very selfless decision to place the child with a loving family that can provide.

When will I feel better and more confident about my decision about my adoption decision?

Birth mothers often feel better about their adoption decision once they start looking at adoptive families and pick a family to place their baby with. Once a birth mother picks a family, she can start a relationship with the adoptive family to get to know them better. The family becomes “real” and not just viewed from pictures and books. After your baby is born, continuing contact with the adoptive family will help you feel more confident about the decision you have made. You will continue to have updates and get to see your baby’s progress as he or she grows.

Can I still choose adoption if I have other children?

Yes. Many birth mothers already have children when they go through the adoption process. Some mothers feel that they can care for the children they currently have but adding more to their already full plate would be harder for everyone involved, including the unborn baby. It is the birth mother’s choice on how to approach the situation with her children and how involved she wants her children in the adoption process. If you have other children and are unsure what to do, our adoption coordinators can help.

What is the difference between open, semi-open and closed adoption?

Open adoption means you will receive pictures, updates and you can coordinate with the adoptive family on visits with the child. Semi-open allows pictures and updates but no visits and closed is no contact. Call to speak with one of our adoption coordinators to discuss in detail what each adoption option means to better suite your wants and needs.

How are adoptive families screened?

Prior to coming to us, all of our adoptive families must be home study approved. A home study is an extensive report about the adoptive family. The home study includes: family background, financial status, and references, education and employment, relationship and social life, daily life routines, parenting experiences, details about their home and neighborhood, readiness and reasons for wanting to adopt, as well as criminal background checks.

Are there any costs to me as a birth mother?

There are no costs to the birth mother.

Does the birth father have any rights, what if I don’t know the birth father or what role does the birth father play?

Some birth fathers are very involved and supportive of the adoption decision. However, some birth fathers are not and some birth fathers are unknown and that is all okay. The birth father’s rights must still be considered in the adoption process. If he agrees adoption is the best decision, he can sign legal paperwork and be involved in the process as much as the birth mother wants him to be. If he disagrees, we will work with the court to determine if his rights can be terminated.

Do I have to have prenatal care during the pregnancy?

If you choose to have prenatal care, we will provide you transportation to your appointments and assist you in any way we can to make the process as smooth as possible. If prenatal care is not something you prefer to do, you do not have to.

I am a minor, can I still choose adoption?

Yes, as a minor, if you feel adoption is the best option for you, you can still make the choice and have the same rights as anyone else. You can still choose a family for your baby and have whatever level of contact and communication with the adoptive family.

Is adoption the same as foster care?

No, adoption is completely different than foster care. Adoption is permanent and your child will not be moved to a different family. Your baby will be cared for by the same family for the rest of his or her life.

Are the adoptive families only located in Florida?

No, at Love Adoption Life, we have families located all over the United States. However, all of our families are located within the United States and none of the babies are placed overseas.

Can my baby find me later in life if they choose to?

Yes. As a birth mother, you have the choice to be added to Florida’s Adoption Reunion Registry (FARR).

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