I’d like to know more about adoption for my baby.


I’d like to know more about becoming an adoptive parent

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Sample Adoption PortfolioYour adoption book should provide an in depth look into your life and your family! Below we will show you how to put together a sample adoption portfolio to make your adoption much less stressful!

When you are beginning the adoption process, you need to create a book for the birth mother to review so she can get to know your family. This book will be presented to the birth mom when she is in the selection process in finding a family for her baby.

We encourage adoptive families to have very detailed books as this will help the birth mother in really getting to know and identify with your family.

We find that the more detail and effort put into the adoption profile book, the faster the adoptive family gets matched.

Vague books are the first books tossed aside by birth mothers. This book represents your opportunity to show the mom what her baby’s life would be like if her baby becomes part of your family. Additionally, if the birth mom selects your family, having a detailed book will make the first meeting between your family and the birth mother much more comfortable while helping the conversation flow.

5 Tips for Creating Your Adoption Profile Book

  • 1. Make The Book Easy To Read.
    Choose a font that is simple, yet fun and stick to a font size of 16-18. Even if you have a lot to share about yourselves, you do not have to worry much about length, the more details the better.
  • 2. Make Your Book Family Friendly.
    Birth moms like to see that you are family and kid friendly and that you will be creating a kid friendly environment for the baby. You will want to let the birth mom see you with children that you have in your life already: your friends’ kids, nephews, nieces. You will want to include lots of “family friendly” pictures.
  • 3. You Will Want To Be Very Descriptive.
    Please share how you like to celebrate birthdays and holidays. This will help the birth mom get to know you and will help them to picture the baby in your life.
  • 4. Keep It Simple Yet Creative.
    Try to keep a simple border around each page or pictures. Add lots of photos with colorful borders and clip art. Always include captions to the pictures including who is in the picture and/or where the photograph was taken.
  • 5. Make It Heartfelt.
    Keeping it heart felt and personal is the best way to go. You are the only one that can tell your story. We want the birth mom to be able to imagine the kind of life that the baby will have being raised in your family.

First, you will want to do an introduction page. You should thank the birth mother for looking at your book in this section. You can tell how much you admire her strength for considering adoption. Next you will need an “about us” section. In this section you will describe how you met each other and what in your relationship has lead you to this point. Sometimes couples like to do a “what I love most” section. This is something you both write what you love most about the other person. Last you will write about your home. You will want to add a picture of this and describe the neighbors, neighborhood and what type of parks and things to do that are nearby that are family friendly. You can also add sections on your family/friends, holidays, and any traditions that you share as a family that you will also be introducing to the baby.

This is a book that your birth mom will keep with her as a memory keepsake so you have to remember that when you are preparing this. We recommend that you do hardback covers so that the books hold up over time. We also recommend using a website like Shutterfly or something similar that will randomly run deals allowing you to buy one get one free. Creating your book on a website like this will allow you to have it mailed directly to us.

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