I’d like to know more about adoption for my baby.


I’d like to know more about becoming an adoptive parent

Learn more about the Adoption Process in Florida

Sample Adoption ProcessHere at Love Adoption Life, we take pride in the outstanding support and resource we become for our birth mothers and adoptive families. For Adoptive Families, this process can be financial straining before ever being selected. That is why Love Adoption Life does not accept and fees prior to a birth mother selecting your book. Below is a sample adoption process for adopting a baby in Jacksonville and throughout Florida.

Step 1: Understanding The Adoption Process

Adopting a baby boy or girl can be the most exciting time of your life. As a family, understanding this process and the steps needed ahead of time is important. Please use our website as a reference. Once you have made your decision to adopt, we will schedule an appointment telephonically to review the process and next steps. Love Adoption Life’s standard practice is open adoptions. Learn more about open adoptions here.

Step 2: Create Your Adoption Portfolio

Your family’s portfolio is your story to tell. This is your best opportunity to show the birth mother who your family really is. See more information under Adoption Portfolio.

Stpe 3: Get Home Study Approved

Since the birth mother is from Florida, state statutes require all adoptive families be home study approved, resident of the state or not.

Step 4: Complete Your Preference Sheet

This form is completed with the Adoption Coordinator and identifies the type of child that your family would like. Many of our families accept these miracles with little to no preferences, others search could be more narrow. The more particular you are, may extend the process. Preferences include but not limited to: sex, race, substance abuse, etc. Keep in mind, birth mothers also have preferences and no one is the same. They all pick certain families for different reasons.

Step 5: Birth Mother Selection

This may be the most anxious or nervous part of the process. Please understand this and know that miracles are meant to happen. Birth mothers chose Love Adoption Life for our resources and support for them. You will always be notified when your book is being show to a birth mother. Number of books varies depending on preferences for both the adoptive families and birth mothers.

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