Teen Pregnancy in Jacksonville

Becoming A Mom As A Teenager

Teen pregnancy in Jacksonville and through the United States is among the highest in the world. Shows like Teen Mom have been great at showing the real side of teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy. Being a teen mom puts a lot of strain on a young girl who really is not prepared for the responsibility of having a newborn baby. A teenage girl should be worrying about things like:

  • What am I going to wear to prom?
  • What am I going to do for a graduation party?
  • What am I going to do after high school?

She should be looking forward to going away to college and having the full college experience. Teen pregnancy, on the other hand can limit her ability to have the life that most teenage girls are supposed to enjoy.

Teen Pregnancy in Jacksonville

The Teenage Pregnancy Realities

The reality of being a teen mom is dirty diapers, crying babies and newborn feedings at all hours. A teen mom has a very difficult time with trying to finish high school and receiving a diploma for a variety of reasons. She now has to consider and pay for childcare during the day while she is in school. This can cost an upwards of up to $1,000.00 per month depending your location and the childcare rates in your area. Some girls are lucky and have family that step in and help them with childcare for the baby. However, when it’s not your baby, it gets hard after a while caring for someone else’s child. Slowly but surely that help becomes harder and harder to receive. Teens who are pregnant cannot depend on constant help. Childcare is not the only expense a teen mother has to think about. Babies require a lot of “stuff” on a daily basis. Preparing for the baby initially, is expensive enough but the process of purchasing a crib, a changing table, clothes, blankets, car seats as they grow and strollers to tote them around in can be taxing on you and those helping you.

Teen Mom To Life Mom

Putting all the costs of a baby aside, something a teen mother may not think about in the beginning is the emotional toll a baby can place on her. No one ever considers the long emotional nights you spend awake caring for a baby. Or the emotions you feel when your friends are walking across the stage receiving their diplomas and going off to college. The lonely nights you spend at home while your friends are out partying or celebrating milestones and you’re at home with a baby.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation, consider adoption. Considering adoption means you can still fulfill your life long dreams and goals. You can finish high school, go to college and become successful in any career you choose. Choosing adoption also means you can have the opportunity to watch your child grow and still be a part of his or life. You will have the chance to create a bond with a family that cannot be compared to any other bond.

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Becoming a teenage mother overnight is extremely common in today’s society, but teen pregnancy in Jacksonville and throughout the US is extremely common. Although it’s easy to feel isolated and alone in your journey and your walk through this process, you really aren’t alone! There are thousands and even millions of women who have gone before you and are even going through your same exact situation right now. It’s our goal here as birth mother adoption attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida to help you sort our your options. We have a staff of women who have sat in the same chair you are in right now. You can reach out to us 100% confidential knowing that you are completely safe. We are standing by to help you weigh out every option available to you! You may be interested in learning more about Adoption, Pregnancy & Abortion Statistics: Learn more here.

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