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There is a strong assumption that when choosing adoption a child is being given away, and the mother has to battle with this decision. A child that is prearranged for adoption is not being given up on. The children are receiving life and the mother is able to get the help she needs while pregnant.

Unexpected pregnancy? Want to learn about adoption?

We help pregnant women receive the education and guidance they need. Pregnancy leaves a girl with 3 choices:

  • Parent
  • Abort
  • Adoption

You should not think of adoption as giving up on the child, but instead, consider the decision as your decision to give your infant a life without the constraints that you currently face. When choosing to have a family adopt your child, you can rest assured knowing your baby is safe, happy and loved.

The birth moms that come to our team are facing very tough decisions and some are living in very dangerous and unhealthy situations. Some of the expectant moms are homeless. When expectant moms first come to us, they may be addicted to hard drugs.

We promise! We will do all we can to help you!

Choosing Adoption Does Not Mean the Mother is Giving up on the Child..

Deciding to put your baby for adoption is undoubtedly the biggest decision women will have to make in her own life and for the life of her child. When a woman chooses to put her baby for adoption, she’s choosing life and giving it to her child. That child now has life, and a future the mother can be proud of. The life an adoptive family will be able to provide for the child is something the mother may only have dreamt of.

When they decide on adoption vs. abortion, the mothers are choosing, NOT what is easiest for them, but instead, they head down a difficult but rewarding path to adoption. This choice is rewarding for the child, giving them the chance to have a life the mother may not have otherwise been able to provide for said child.

We are here to help!

When women face an unplanned pregnancy, we can and will help you get back in control. Our Adoption Team provides support, information and legal support to serve as an aide while you determine YOUR choice.

Moms choose adoption for many reasons. While on your adoption road a birth mom are able to talk with an attorney and the Adoption Life Coordinators during the entire process. As an expectant mother, you have the legal right to make all the decisions:

What are Open Adoptions?

As a birth mother you have the right decide everything and are in control of the process before and after the process is finalized.

Semi Open Adoption

Semi-Open Adoptions are a mix between closed and open.

What is the difference between an open or closed adoption?

Open means that both the birth parents and the adoptive family have contact before and after the child is born. Arrangement of communication may include phone calls and or face-to-face visits. There are situations however where in an open adoption the child does not have direct contact with the birth mother, however the adoptive family will send pictures and updates as the child grows throughout the years. Guidance, input and experienced advice are highly encouraged as you consider this alternative.

Closed was a more popular form of adoption for the past age bracket. Closed adoptions transpire when the adoptive family and birth parents remain confidential, with no contact between the birth mom and the adoptive family before or after the child is placed with their adoptive family. It is more common these days for the adoption to be open, however this is not always the case. Most birth moms would like some sort of communication or updates on their child throughout their life time. If a closed adoption is the route the birth mom decides to take, if she wishes to communicate with the child, she will not be able to pursue communication until the child has reached 18 years of age.

In the end you need to make a decision that best suits your household, your way of life and your principles. However, you must to contemplate the needs and best interested for the wellbeing of your adopted child or children. No matter the route you decide to choose, be sure you know the facts and remain self-assured of your judgement.

Mothers in Florida are eligible for assistance. The type of financial assistance that an expectant mother may be able to receive is different and varies on the situation. The assistance will depend on what state the expectant mother lives in.

Help for Florida Mothers Who Choose Adoption Includes:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Temporary cash assistance
  • Necessities
  • Medical
  • Doctor Visits
  • Counseling
  • Addiction Treatments
  • Transportation
  • Financial assistance for living expenses
  • Utilities such as water, electricity and gas
  • Other expenses approved by the courts

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