Has Your Unplanned Pregnancy in Ocala Taken It’s Toll?

Getting news that you’ve become pregnant isn’t always a Sunshine on a Cloudy Day mentality. Many times the idea of taking care of another life can be overwhelming, causing many woman to panic. Unplanned pregnancy in Ocala is a common reality and it’s completely ok and natural to feel like you don’t have anywhere to go! In Florida 59 percent of all 2010 pregnancies were unintended by both adults and teenagers. Although statistics are showing that rates are dropping, the unplanned pregnancy still exists and will continue to be something that happens in our culture and society. One of the most misunderstood elements to this idea though is that woman are alone and isolated when this happens. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! That’s why Love Adoption Life was created! Love Adoption Life is a Florida Adoption Agency based out of Jacksonville, Florida focused on helping woman with unplanned pregnancy discover all of their available options!

Unplanned Pregnancy in Ocala - Love Adoption Life

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Adoption is a healthy alternative to abortion or early termination of your pregnancy! Not only does it allow you to provide life for another human, but it can give you peace in the long term! Adoption has many benefits and according to Ocala.com, abortion rates have fallen roughly 13 percent between 2008 and 2011. We are discovering more and more that unplanned pregnancies and women are seeking alternatives to abortion. Due to the psychological toll that abortion can have over the long term many women view adoption as an opportunity to provide life for their babies that they themselves might not be able to provide. There are also financial assistance programs available to help you through your unplanned pregnancy as well, such as:

  • Rent
  • Utlities
  • Transportation
  • Insurance Payments

Unplanned Pregnancy in Ocala:

So you may be wondering why we are so headstrong in focusing on adoption alternatives and unplanned pregnancies in Ocala? You’d be surprised to learn that although we are a Jacksonville based Adoption Agency, we specialize in serving the needs of unplanned pregnancies across the state of Florida! Love Adoption Life was created and founded on a passionate idea that woman need help. And what they need most of all is not only a helping hand, but resources – and that’s exactly what we provide!

Free Pregnancy Test

Think you may be pregnant, but don’t want everyone knowing? Going to the store and feeling isolated can be overwhelming. This is what we do, so you don’t have to feel ashamed! We offer Free Pregnancy Tests for women who may need help gaining access to resources that will help them with their potential unplanned pregnancy.

Contact Your Ocala Adoption Attorneys at Love Adoption Life Today!

Our Florida Adoption experts are standing by to help you with your adoption! The process may even seem completely overwhelming and impossible at times. Unplanned Pregnancy doesn’t have to be solitary and leave you with the sense that your are alone. Many of our staff have walked in the same exact places you are. So whether you are considering adoption or simply want more information on all of your available options, Call a Florida Adoption Attorney today at 904-723-1406 or simply fill out our contact form!

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