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Are You Currently Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

Answering the Question: “What Is A Birth Mother?”

What Is A Birth Mother - Love Adoption LifeSo, what is a birth mother? A birth mother is a term used to describe a woman who is currently pregnant and is simply considering adoption as the alternative for giving her baby up to a loving family to care for her child. It is often considered, in the adoption world, as a mother’s greatest selfless act to her child.

I May Be Considering Adoption – Now What?

You are exactly where you need to be to answer this questions and collect all of the resources necessary to make the decision that’s best for you and your baby. Adoption is not as scary or overwhelming as it used to be. In fact thousands of women make the decision to place their baby’s up for adoption each year for a variety of reasons. As Adoption Lawyers in Jacksonville and throughout Florida, Love Adoption Life is the only resource you will need to answer any questions and help you through your adoption journey. We cannot wait to help you.

Birth Mother Options

There are a variety of options available to women considering adoption. And there are many different types of adoptions, which give birth mothers the opportunity to be as involved in their children’s lives as they’d like to be. Whether it’s an open adoption, semi-open adoption or even a closed adoption, you have plenty of options available to you to help you stay connected or feel connected to your child even after they are placed with your chosen adoptive family.

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We Are Jacksonville Birth Mother Lawyers

Love Adoption Life is an adoption organization made up of Jacksonville Birth Mother Lawyers and a passionate adoption staff who’s goal in the industry is to simply help women in need of assistance due to unforeseen pregnancy. Many times women simply aren’t prepared for pregnancy. Whether it’s timing, lifestyle, financial capacity, living situation or circumstances that have you questioning what to do, it’s best to understand every option available to you. That’s where our Adoption Lawyers in Jacksonville can help you. We not only have a compassionate and empathetic staff, but our legal experts can help you navigate the entire process. For most women the idea of placing their baby up for adoption comes down to the ability to sustain another life other than their own.

If you are interested in speaking with us more about what options are available to you or simply have questions, we have two completely discreet options available to you:

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No Pressure Environment

We do not pressure you about what you think is the right decision for you. Our consultations are simply about giving you options and what you can expect if you choose adoption. Nothing more!


A Staff Who’s Been There

Our staff consists of women who have actually traveled the same roads as you are now. That’s what sets us apart. You aren’t meeting with people who don’t understand where you are right now. We’ve been there.


100% Confidential & Safe

All of our consultations are 100% safe and confidential. We are a legal firm so everything we speak of remains completely between Love Adoption Life and you. You control the destiny of your situation, not us.


Financial Assistance

We are an adoption law office and because of that we can help you receive financial assistance for your adoption choice. There are many opportunities and programs available to help you through your pregnancy!

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Learn more about how Love Adoption Life can help you on your journey to adoption and providing opportunity for your baby!